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Recipes from the Harry Potter Old Lady Smut Brigade
You don't have to be an Old Lady, Smutty or even a Harry Potter fan to share your favorite recipes here...but it doesn't hurt.
Most of us have old family or favorite recipes that we'd like to share, and this is the place to do it.

We don't have many rules, but it would help if you do the following:

We have members from all parts of the world so when you post your recipe try to post units in both US and Metric. There is a handy converter here at http://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/cooking to help with that. If you find a better converter, please feel free to post it so we all can use it.

The only other rule is play nice with each other. This forum is for food and food prep. We really don't want to know what your cat barfed up this morning.

If possible, post a picture of your completed dish...uh, before the cat gets to it. Photos are optional of course and if you can't do it now you can always amend your post later.

Have fun.

Post Tagging System

I've tried to keep the tagging system as simple as possible. Each tag will have two parts. The category followed your LJ user name. i.e. Category, user. This gives us two ways to search for a particular recipe. Thanks to twisted_twister for that idea.


Hors D'oeuvres___________any appetizers including amuse bouche

Salads & Dressings_______green salads, gelatin salads and so on...



Meats___________________ Includes meat casseroles, wild game other than poultry

Poultry & stuffings

Soups & Stews___________Chili recipes go here as well

Sauces & Gravies


Beans & Legumes

Sandwiches______________Includes wraps

Spices___________________This would include spice mixes, Cajun, Herbes de Provence...

Pies, savory_____________ Meat pies, Shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie...

Stuffed breads__________Anything in a bread like crust, Empanadas, Piroshki and the like


Deserts_________________(Pudding). All things sweet, cakes, pies, ice cream...

Additional tags

Vegetarian______________Use this only if you are positive it is vegetarian

Gluten Free_____________As above

If anybody sees something they don't like, let me know. Nothing here is set in stone...yet

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